Tracking Parlays

Parlays are usually seen as yet another bank roster eroding pitfall of sport investing. I have actually learned that parlays might be positive, what I have heard is for each handicapper there is a winning period and also a losing period. You may do your best to be”consistent” but swings are unavoidable and while slowly releasing plays may control the downswings I think a there is a opportunity cost not to maximizing the upswings. To make the most of the upswings parlays are the risk/reward IMO that is perfect. That said, I have hit three parlays this week which has turned into a 11% ROI to a 136% ROI. One parlay hits were”opposite” parlays shielding the disadvantage bringing back 3 components differently would have lost and two parlays were”if I’m right” parlays which resulted in +12 units I otherwise wouldn’t have. Sure I risked more, I typically up a play or two to reevaluate the parlay losses because they will certainly come. I’d love it if pick monitor also allowed tracking of parlays. . thoughts?
I’d love this choice but I believe you and I’m in the minority about this. If something like this can be executed, I’d just use 2 or possibly 3 groups since I am not looking for a lottery ticket which is what gets most people in trouble using parlays. Very few people have the ability to utilize parlays effectively similar to chase systems. Everything comes down to working with a rewarding model and utilizing chases and parlays to optimize gain, not functioning with a losing system and trying to manufacture profit.

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